Help & Support

Why can't I register on your website right now?

We are currently in the process of re-indexing our model catalog, which we expect to finish within a few days. Once this is done, free registration will become available for all users.

Where are the models on your site?

Our collection of base models is accessible only after signing in. Please register or log in if you haven't already to explore our model selection and start your transformation journey with Binary Bebe.

How can I submit my selfie for the face-swap process?

After selecting a base model from our gallery, you will find an "Upload Selfie" button within that specific model's portfolio. Click on it and follow the instructions to upload your photo. Once we receive your selfie, our team of graphics designers will begin working on creating your stunning new image.

Can I upload a picture that shows other people besides me?

Yes, you can certainly do so. Please indicate clearly which person's face should be swapped with the chosen model. Our team will then focus on that specific individual and create your transformed image accordingly.

Is it possible to submit both the base model's image and my selfie?

While our free membership plan does not include multiple uploads, we understand that some users might prefer to use their own images. Please log in (members get priority support) and then contact support. We will be happy to help you by granting a onetime access to our corporate plan where multiple uploads are allowed.

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